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Welcome to TuneTaxi, where your journey through music transcends the ordinary. Our carefully curated membership plans are designed to elevate your listening experience, offering a spectrum of premium features, exclusive content, and personalized music channels. Whether you’re seeking ad-free music, high-quality audio, or the ability to create your own musical universe, our membership options cater to every audiophile’s desire. Explore our plans below to find your perfect musical companion.

TuneTaxi Premium

Unlock the Ultimate Listening Experience

  • Ad-Free Music: Immerse yourself in uninterrupted music, free from commercials and breaks. Enjoy your favorite tunes, playlists, and channels without distractions.
  • Premium Channels: Gain exclusive access to premium channels that offer a higher echelon of music curated by industry experts and renowned artists.
  • High-Quality Audio: Experience music in its purest form with our lossless audio quality. Whether you’re streaming at home or on the go, the sound will be crystal clear.

Custom Channel Creator

Craft Your Personalized Soundscapes

  • AI-Powered Customization: Use our advanced AI to create channels that perfectly match your mood, activity, or preferences. Whether you need tunes for a workout, study session, or dinner party, your ideal soundtrack is just a few clicks away.
  • Real-Time Adaptation: Our dynamic system learns from your feedback and listening habits, continuously evolving your custom channels to better suit your taste.
  • Unlimited Possibilities: There’s no limit to the number of custom channels you can create. Experiment, explore, and enjoy the infinite landscape of music tailored just for you.

Why Choose TuneTaxi?

At TuneTaxi, we believe in providing an unparalleled audio experience that goes beyond just music. Our membership plans are designed to enhance your life’s soundtrack, with features tailored to your listening preferences. With TuneTaxi, you’re not just a listener—you’re a curator, a creator, and a connoisseur of your musical journey. Dive into a world where music meets innovation, and let TuneTaxi be the soundtrack to your life’s most memorable moments.

Beyond the beat:
TuneTaxi's AI Music Revolution.


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