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Welcome to the TuneTaxi Copyright Canceler – Your Harmony in Unsubscription

At TuneTaxi, we believe in creating harmonious experiences, not just through our innovative AI background music service but also by ensuring you have the freedom to manage your music rights effortlessly. The TuneTaxi Copyright Canceler is designed to liberate artists, businesses, and content creators from the confines of traditional music royalty commitments, making the transition to TuneTaxi’s free, AI-generated music as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Effortless Cancellation in Three Simple Steps:

      1. Enter Your Details: Start by providing us with some basic information about your current music royalty agreement. This includes the performing rights organization (PRO) you’re registered with and your account or membership number.

      1. Verification: Our secure system will then verify your information to ensure a seamless cancellation process. You’ll receive a confirmation email or SMS with a verification link. Clicking this link confirms your intent to cancel and proceeds to the next step.

      1. Submit Your Cancellation: Once verified, you’ll be taken to our digital cancellation form. Fill it out with the necessary details, and with just a click, your request will be processed. We’ll handle the rest, from communicating with the national copyright agency to confirming the termination of your service.

    What Happens Next?

        • Confirmation: You’ll receive an email confirmation from us once your cancellation has been successfully processed. This email will also include information on how to fully utilize TuneTaxi’s free AI background music service, ensuring you’re never without the perfect soundtrack.

        • Support: Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about the cancellation process or need help transitioning to TuneTaxi, we’re just a message away.

        • Freedom: Enjoy the freedom of no longer being bound by traditional music royalty fees. With TuneTaxi, access a world of AI-generated music at no cost, perfect for your creative or business projects.

      Join the TuneTaxi Revolution

      Embrace the future of music with TuneTaxi. Our Copyright Canceler is more than just a form; it’s your first step towards a world where music is accessible, innovative, and free from traditional constraints. Get started now and tune into the new era of music freedom.

      Ready to Cancel? Fill out the form below to begin your journey with TuneTaxi.

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